Platform curiosity

Where are platforms five and six?

Harry Potter travels into a magical world from the secret track "nine-and-three-quarters" at London's King's Cross station. Where do you think trains from tracks five and six at Hannover Central Station run to? Or rather: where can the platforms be found?

Tracks three and four are followed by seven and eight

Observant travellers walking through Hannover's station can't believe their eyes - and even "natives" can't offer an explanation: the platform with tracks three and four is situated right next to the one with tracks seven and eight. Even the keenest observer will not find any signs for tracks five and six. The reason for this is quite simple: tracks five and six are reserved for shunting, through traffic, and freight trains.

Between track 4 and 7 a through track is visible from the platform.

Unusual track-counting method

Until the station was remodeled in the 1970s, the tracks were numbered continually. However, even then tracks five and six were not passenger tracks. They were far apart and served as through tracks for passenger and freight trains and to store rolling stock. Due to the reconstruction of the main station, which came with the extension of the underground and tram network, the track system was extended. From then on, the following counting method was used: Tracks 1 to 4, 40, 7 and 8, 80, 9 to14. Tracks 40 and 80 are the original tracks 5 and 6.