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Hannover - centre of science. See the universities at a glance, find out where to get study support, learn all about the Hannover Science Initiative.

The tertiary education institutes in Hannover offer many possibilities. With four universities, one university of applied sciences and arts, as well as various high-ranking private academies, the choice is rather difficult. Nearly 40.000 students are a good argument. Additionally, Hannover is not only home to leading research centres in the fields of production and laser technology, it's Medical School also was a pioneer in the field of transplantation and has a worldwide reputation for excellence. In this section you can learn all about the Hannover Science Initiative, find out where to get study support, get to know more about the Hannoverian universities and much more.



Study in Hannover - here you will find information.

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Specialists Hannover

Work, training, studies, continuing education, start your own business, local recreation, service, leisure activities - here you will find all information...

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Figures and Facts

Centre of Science

Leading research centres and pioneering spirit in the field of transplantation are part of the scientific diversity in Hannover.

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City of Innovation

Hannover Healthcare – fit for the future

With more than 65,000 employees and upwards of 3,000 companies, the healthcare industry is Hannover's no.1 growth market. The region offers world-class ex...

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