Festive Weekend at Lake Steinhude

After a five-year break, the popular festival weekend returns with a colorful program! From August 23rd to 25th, visitors can enjoy music, spectacular fireworks, and numerous activities for children at Lake Steinhude.

Highlight des Festlichen Wochenendes: Das doppelte Höhenfeuerwerk

Beim Festlichen Wochenende wird es stimmungsvoll am Steinhuder Meer.

Festive Weekend Returns to Steinhuder Meer: A Beacon of Culture and Community

After a five-year hiatus, the Festive Weekend returns to Steinhuder Meer from August 23rd to 25th with renewed splendor. As a cultural and touristic highlight in the Lower Saxony region, this event traditionally attracts visitors from near and far, this time with an enhanced international campaign, reaching countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium.

Program Highlights in Steinhude and Mardorf

The picturesque shores of Steinhuder Meer in the towns of Steinhude and Mardorf will become the stage for a diverse program promising culture and entertainment for all ages. Spread over the weekend, there will be live music, acrobatic shows, cabaret, and numerous activities specifically for children and families on multiple stages.

The centerpiece of the event: The Double High Fireworks

A special spectacle is the double high fireworks on Saturday evening, transforming the sky over Steinhude and Mardorf into a colorful sea of lights. Ignited at 10 p.m., the fireworks, along with their reflection on the large lake, offer an unforgettable sight that delights spectators year after year.

Detailed Daily Program

In Steinhude, the town center turns into a festival mile with four stages offering non-stop entertainment from Friday noon until Sunday evening.

On Saturday from 12 p.m., Mardorf offers a family program at the beach of Weiße Düne, including music and treats during the day and a beach party in the evening. Admission to the events in Mardorf is charged, with free entry for children up to 15 years old.

Ticket Sales and Further Information

The Festive Weekend at Steinhuder Meer provides a perfect opportunity to experience the cultural diversity and hospitality of the region while supporting the local economy and strengthening the community. For more information and tickets to this outstanding event, you can find them here.


23.08.2024 to 25.08.2024 starting from 15:00 to 20:00 o'clock


Steinhuder Meer
Neuer Winkel
31515 Wunstorf