How to get to Hannover

Arrival & Departure

Train schedules, city maps, HannoverCard and more - find out everything about how to get to and around in Hannover.

Whether by train, by car or by plane - there are lots of possibilities how to get to Hannover. Once having arrived, try the well-built public transport system. Or better yet, find out what the HannoverCard is all about - your travel pass for all busses, S-Bahn trains and trams within the entire Greater Hannover transport network (GVH). Here you will find the most important links and the major maps. Be prepared for your trip to Hannover!

Traffic and Parking

By Car

Take a look at maps and information about the current traffic situation for your trip to Hannover by car or motorbike.

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On The Rail

By Train

Find out how you can get to Hannover by train: Schedule of arrivals, schedule of departures, all main stations in and around Hannover.

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Bus station

By bus

Hannover’s central bus station (ZOB) is one of the most modern in Germany. Buses from all the main intercity routes and major tour operators stop here.

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All Around Flying

Hannover Airport

Hannover Airport serves one of the widest and most powerful areas in Germany. Here you will find links to the Timetables for Arrivals and Departures at Ha...

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Public transport not included in fair admission ticket

Admission tickets are no longer valid for local public transport.

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At a glance

Hannover Fairgrounds

Hannover has been a leading international trade fair venue for more than 60 years. The Fairgrounds is one of the most modern of its kind, with striking ar...

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