Garden path 01

"House of the diligent"

Pupils and teachers c. 1900. The Jewish Educational Institution in Ahlem in Words and Pictures

Pupils and teachers in the school garden near the girls’ building in the 1920s.

Shortly after the foundation of the school in 1893, a garden for instruction purposes with neighbouring sport and game grounds was added to the elementary school. In 1921 this garden moved close to the girls’ building. In accordance with the curriculum of the apprentices, the garden was divided into a fruit, vegetable and flower section. Similarly practical work was an integral part of nature studies taught at the school.
Right from the beginning, learned to assume responsibility. Working under the supervision of a "head gardener" from their midst, they looked after a small plot of land, whose state was regularly assessed by a jury to which also belonged.
On completion of their compulsory schooling, interested, if found suitable, could begin an apprenticeship in Ahlem.

School garden and apiary, c. 1920