Round tour 04

Almost half a century of Jewish elementary schooling

Elementary school pupils during handicraft instruction in 1940

A view of the school building from the window of the principal’s house, 1936

From its foundation until its forced closure in 1942, the Gardening School accepted Jewish children of compulsory school age to its elementary school. Increasing numbers of soon necessitated the construction of a building of its own, which was opened in 1897.
The school day was strictly regimented, starting at 5am in the summer and at 6am in the winter. The boarding school functioned on the basis of a whole day-school whose curriculum comprised, in addition to general subjects, practical house and garden work as well as instruction in manual skills.

Sport was of great importance: runners in 1931. Left of the path the main barn and the workshop building, to the right the school building

Pupils with a teacher in front of the northern side of the school building in 1940