Round tour 06

For a long time, the girls‘ house was a "boys‘ house"

Southern side of the girls’ building in 1938

View over the agricultural areas of the Gardening School on the southern side of the girls’ building in 1931, with laundry. Both buildings are surrounded by a wall.

In order to guarantee a "morally appropriate" separation between the sexes, the girls’ house was built in a considerable distance from the boys’ boarding school premises and surrounded by a wall. As of 1902, elementary school girls and female apprentices in domestic economics lived in this building. In front of its northern side there was a laundry with a cattle shed in the basement that was surrounded by a chicken farm.  
During the turmoil of the early twenties, the girls’ section was closed due to the lack of applications. Prior to its reopening in 1936, the girls’ house was transformed into a boys’ house for male  and apprentices.

“Exercises at the 1939 sports festival”. A view from the girls’ building over the sport grounds towards Harenberger Strasse (today Heisterbergallee)

Sheep shearing in the farmyard north of the laundry in 1936