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Round tour 07

Cultivation of vast grounds

The grounds of the Jewish Gardening School stretch from today’s Heisterbergallee northwards beyond Wunstorfer Landstrasse. Thanks to these vast areas, gardener training could also include the fundamental aspects of agricultural work: planting and harvesting field and root crops, fodder and cereals. The agricultural staff of the school instructed the apprentices in these endeavours.
The school’s property boundaries remained unchanged until the end of the 1950s. At this time, the Hanover Agricultural Chamber established some of its institutes on the property, erecting new buildings for this purpose and making more intensive use of the experimental gardening areas. The sale and development of the still empty western part of the property was another significant step in the further use of the school grounds, leading to the construction of the residential estate "An der Gartenbauschule" [At the Gardening School], which was inaugurated in 2008.