City of Music-Talk am 12. März 2018

Theme of the 2.nd City of Music-Talk with Gudrun Schröfel, head of the mädchenchor hannover. The interview was held by Gunnar Geßner at Christuskirche Hannover, March 12th 2018: “These young people impress me with their enthusiasm” Grudrun Schröfel


Choir singing can set free happy hormones, says Gudun Schröfel - head of the mädchenchor hannover. It is also a chance to connect in a social way and combine a wide age range. The concert-choir for instance consists of girls and young women between 10 and 20 years. This system conditions one another. The youngsters are looked after by the elderly and simultaneously benefit from working with their more life and musical experienced peers - which has an impact on several social soft skills and everyone within the choir.

Schröfel has been working with countless female choir-singing generations since 1988 when she took over the choir from Ludwig Rutt. She describes her work as blissful. In addition to the artistic side of her position she finds it extremely enriching, not only to constantly convey something to the young people at the time, but also to have worked with so many young girls and women over the years who were all in such an imprinting time of their own lives. That for her is joy and makes her feel like she serves a purpose in life.All four

training stage phases within the mädchenchor hannover are an age-based mixture of music -theory and -experience. So it seems natural that Gudrun Schröfel is currently working on an evening format for society where these two aspects are also combined and has the purpose to carry music out to the community. In her opinion this mixture is sustainable and an investment towards the future. Not only for the mädchenchor hannover, but also for Hannover - UNESCO City of Music itself. She expresses her hopes to establish more interdisciplinarity within the music scene and the other arts. Ideas are for instance musical-theatre and more long time collaborations, like the one between State Opera House Hannover and mädchenchor hannover. But she also wishes for a collaborative Hannover music scene and more appropriate space for musicians.

During her career which also involved professorships at Folkwang University of the Arts and The Hanover University of Music, Theatre and Media up until 2012 she has gathered countless memorable moments and expertise. But most and foremost it is the young female´s enthusiasm that leaves her stunned at every rehearsal and performance and gives her reason to continue her work. 

“The passion for singing brings them together and unites them as a community. The wish to work towards a concert is what motivates the girls and young women. Sometimes - for instance when we start working on a new piece of music which is always hard work for everyone involved – the going can get tough. But the love always grows after a little familiarisation phase. The shared ambition ensures the quality we have as a choir. Who knows”, she adds with a smile – “we not yet have been invited to the Elbphilharmonie - but I am on it.”