City of Music-Talk am 25. Juni 2018

Fête de la Musique Hanover. Theme of the 3. City of Music-Talk with Professor Dr. Isabelle Thilo, University of applied Sciences and Arts: Talk and interview was held by Gunnar Geßner at [ka:punkt] Hannover, June 25th 2018

It was a musical start of summer for Professor Ms Thilo who enjoyed the Fête de la Musique in France, whilst Gunnar Geßner as one of the organisation team leaders once again made the global festival happen in Hanover. The third city of music talk was all about the beginning of summer festival, with its strong suite of co-operators which have been making the festival happen for 10 years in the Unesco City of Music Hannover.

The supporting operative system, how the festival is set in Hannover, might be the secret for its success. It might come as a surprise that is not only the city of Hannover which is behind it all. This is only one side to the isosceles triangle. Every single person involved, works towards the goal of making the festival happen. The connected Hanover music scene and all its collaborators don´t shy away, instead operate every needed value in the Féte de la Musique spirit – which shows the third arm - being part of something bigger. Making the global day for music, emotion and summer happen, which is celebrated each year in several cities around the world on June 21st.

“Festivals give people an idea of how a city can be”, quotes Isabelle Thilo , Professor for Organising-Conception from the Faculty III, Media, Information and Design at the University of Applied Sciences Hanover. She says today´s Festivals are about participation - more a “being part of something” - instead of entertainment in its classical structures. Society wants happenings where they are involved, where they not only witness something.

The Fête de la Musique Concept provides freedom of expression within the framework itself. It allows the organisation to interact on a team player field which leads to authentic festival making. Hanovers Féte doesn´t want to be anything else than it is. There is no comparison within the global Event cities. It is more about an idea which works within ones´ own cultural understanding and allowing music to be what it is – authentic. With all it has to give, to each and every one joining the moment: back- , on - and front - of stage, to the very last angle you can hear and feel it. Fête de la Musique in Hannover means cultural involvement, workshops and great music quality along the way, social sharing rather than egocentric showing or taking. Experiencing the range of musical potential this city has to offer, involving society. Making it happen means connecting people and walking this extra mile.

This is something the Hanovers Fête de la Musique authorities strongly act on.

Isabelle Thilo reckons such forward thinking is a key skill for success in organising any kind of happening, event, or throwing. This is why she finds it important to equip her students with a wide range of knowledge, students need in organising any Event. She want them to learn how observing today´s interests is useful for future orientated projects and strongly believes that creativity comes in favour to achieving  projects within the market. She encourages intransigent thinking in order to grow within the careers after Uni.

Intransigent thinking, emotional connection, living culture and a global spirit makes the Fête de la Musique in Hanover happen!                                                                      

Article by Mara Atkins, 12th July 2018.