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The procedure

Election of the Mayor and CEO of the City of Hanover

Information regarding the election and the term of office

The Mayor and CEO of the City of Hanover is the highest representative of the State Capital Hannover. Following the regulations for local elections of Lower Saxony, the citizens elect him directly. The candidate who in the election obtains the absolute majority is elected as Mayor. If in the first ballot no candidate reaches an absolute majority there is a run-off ballot between the two aspirants who obtained the most votes in the first round.

The Mayor and CEO of the City of Hanover is elected for eight years. He officiates full-time as a temporary civil servant. If the Mayor was elected together with the Council, then during the first session he is sworn in by the oldest Councillor who is present and willing to do it. His status of civil servant ends with the assumption of office by a successor, but not before the end of the general legislative period of the Councillors.

The Mayor and CEO of the City of Hanover can be voted out by the citizens before the end of his term in office. For such a procedure to be initiated, there must be a motion by at least three-quarters of the City Councillors. In a special meeting, a vote by roll call is then held on the motion. For the resolution, a majority of three-quarters of the Councillors is also needed. The Mayor relinquishes his office at the end of the day on which the electoral committee declares the deposition. New elections must be held within six months.