Hannover like nowhere else

Guide for young people

The City of Hannover embraces 51 districts – and every one of them has a “scene” with a charm of its...


Group at Maschsee (Selfie)

Kröpcke (Selfie)

3 girls at lake (Selfie)

Onto a tree (Selfie)

Küchengarten (Selfie)

Ice Cream Parlor (Selfie)

3 girls behind New Town Hall ( Selfie)

Lindener Markt (Selfie)

At Limmer Straße (Selfie)

Onto bridge (Selfie)

At peer (Selfie)

At a river (Selfie)

At "Strandleben" (Selfie)

Pair at peer (Selfie)

At the Ihme (Selfie)

At the "Faustwiese" (Selfie)

Behind the Nanas (Selfie)

Group in front of Nanas (Selfie)