The musical manhole

Where the music plays - and why

Across from Hannover's main station, passers-by sometimes stop at a gully in amazement. About a hundred metres from the Ernst August monument, where the square in front of the station leads into Bahnhofstraße, sounds from Hannover's underworld can be heard.

Dj Gullyman at Ernst August Square.

Lively salsa rhythms ring out on a balmy summer night, and in December festive songs warm the heart: DJ Gullyman delivers a variety of sounds - including jazz, pop and rock - around the clock, depending on the season and alternating between twelve hours of "day-music" and telve hours of "night music". The current playlist is available on Gullyman's website.

Two CD players, an amplifier and two loudspeakers share the work and enrich the turbulent life of the city center. Thanks to its elevated position, the manhole is safe from flooding, only raindrops can enter through its openings.

The man behind the musical manhole

The Hannoverians owe their unique music project to Hamburg-based architect Timm Ohrt. He was in charge of the remodeling of Ernst-August-Platz in the year 2000 and had the idea to complement the hectic city life with something playful, a unusual piece of art in a public space. The fact that not everyone notices the music in the bustle of the city center is part of the concept: it is a piece of art to be discovered.