In the Hannover Region

Vocational colleges

Centre of excellence for training: Training and further, higher and continuing education at 15 vocational colleges.

The Hannover region supports 15 vocational colleges offering around 300 training programmes, making it the main provider of vocational training in Lower Saxony.
Every year approx. 40,000 pupils prepare for the start of their career in state-of-the-art training facilities.

The range of courses available includes occupational training programmes such as the career entry class and the vocational preparation year as well as vocational education in the dual system right through to full-time further education courses.

Following intensive restructuring and the updated vocational college concept, the vocational colleges in the Hannover region have become sector-oriented centres of excellence, reflecting the diverse range of courses available in the Hannover region: for example, there are now centres of excellence for careers in catering and nutrition, automotive engineering, metal and electrical engineering, health and social work, natural sciences, agricultural science and environment, information and media technology and cosmetology, to name but a few.

The Hannover region is the sole provider of many training programmes in northern Germany, such as microtechnology, communication engineering, chimney sweeping and mechatronic engineering for refrigeration.

The sector-specific training allows greater profiling and focus, which in turn means the colleges can meet the needs of businesses more closely and offer more refined teaching models.

With the aim of helping to shape a training market which can offer a suitable training position to every school leaver, the vocational college system also flanks economic development in the region.

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