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Starting a business and entrepreneurship

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hannoverimpuls makes you fit for the market. We focus on “learning by doing”, combined with practical know-how, and offer corresponding seminars and events for every phase of the start-up.

We combine advice services, information and practice seminars to form a one-stop start-up advice service and promote entrepreneurial implementation of good ideas with our competitions´together with the Sparkasse Hannover. The winners of the competition receive prize money and comprehensive advice services. Participation is possible irrespective of professional status or current situation - the only thing that counts is that the idea can implemented commercially in the Hannover region.

Furthermore, hannoverimpuls offers start-ups and companies office space, as well as laboratory and workshop facilities in three state-of-the-art centres for different sectors of the economy with high-quality technical equipment, and significantly enhances the chances for success of technology-based start-ups and young companies in lead sectors and from the universities through the “Innovation Funding” project.

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