KUBUS Gallery

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The KUBUS is a forum for contemporary art.

A view into the interior of the KUBUS (here with the 'Dagmar Brand' exhibition)

Since 1965 the gallery has felt primarily committed to the Hannover cultural scene. The City of Hannover Cultural Bureau as host enables young artists, art groups and artist's workshop communities to present their joint projects, but also supports solo exhibitions of distinguished artists from Hannover.

Collaborations with Hanoverian galleries and cooperation with other visual arts stakeholders lead to exhibitions which are of interest far beyond the region.

A special focus of the exhibition activity is set by the collaboration with Hannover's twin cities. Artists from Poznan in Poland, Hiroshima, Japan, Perpignan and Rouen in France and Bristol in Great Britain are invited to develop and realise joint exhibition concepts with colleagues in Hannover. These exhibitions provide an insight into the current art movement in each of the countries.

In 1962 the exhibition room was planned together with the new building of the 'Volkshochschule' (Adult Education Centre) by the City's Construction Administration and designed by the architect Dr Müller-Hoeppe. A sculpture by Erich Hauser was integrated into the north-eastern side of the building facing the Aegidien Church. The almost square exhibition room of 340 square metres with white walls four metres high without distracting windows has often demonstrated its versatility since KUBUS's creation.

Every year, eight temporary exhibitions are shown. They are chosen by a committee of the city on the basis of applications comprising an exhibition concept of the artist or artist groups.