Hannover State Opera House

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The magnificent opera house, which was built by Georg Friedrich Laves in 1852 and seats 1202, is located right in the heart of Hannover.

Imposante Architektur: das Opernhaus Hannover.

Its artistic programme has shaped the cultural image of the state capital of Lower Saxony far beyond the boundaries of the city and region. Hannover State Opera House has one of the largest permanent ensembles in the Germanspeaking area, with more than 30 singers and 30 dancers on permanent contracts. Lower Saxony State Orchestra and the State Opera chorus guarantee unbeatable musical quality each and every night.

Every year, audiences can enjoy numerous opera and ballet premieres, as well as a broad repertoire and first-rate concerts in the Laves building in the eponymous Opernplatz. Junge Oper Hannover was established in 2010 and performs on the two studio stages of the “Ballhof” theatre in the Old Town. It is the youth section of the State Opera House and performs musical theatre for children and young adults.

The Opera Ball resonates far beyond Hannover Region and every year, more than 4,000 guests flock to the ballroom on the two evenings. A different motto is chosen each year, which shapes the décor of the opera hall and foyers. After the opening dance by the debutantes, guests can enjoy a glittering night at the ball and escape to a different world that changes from year to year. This unique event is always a complete sellout.