Fachhochschule für die Wirtschaft – University of Applied Sciences

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Short duration of study, intensive support and high practical relevance: these are just a few advantages of the Fachhochschule für die Wirtschaft – University of Applied Sciences in Hannover. Learn more.

Vorlesungen auch auf Englisch: An der FHDW Hannover bereiten sich die Studierenden auf einen internationalen Arbeitsmarkt vor.

The Fachhochschule für die Wirtschaft – University of Applied Sciences provides initial and in-service Bachelor and Master courses in business administration, IT engineering, IT praxis and business IT. With over 200 partner enterprises, students are guaranteed praxis-oriented courses and excellent career opportunities – many students find their first job before completing their studies.

Prospect: Scientific and senior management positions

Practical and project phases are integrated in all Bachelor and Master programmes. Students apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and devise high-quality solutions on their own initiative, thus developing the necessary competences for scientific and senior management positions and becoming acquainted with current research.

Bachelor degree includes 210 credit points

FHDW courses are internationally oriented: Visiting professors from foreign higher education partner institutions and lectures in English promote the development of the intercultural competences that are so essential for success on the international employment market. Quality and aspiration are high priorities at the FHDW - the Bachelor degree includes 210 instead of the common 180 credit points with a maximum duration of study – 3.5 years.. No surprise the university gets top grades in different rankings and surveys every year: Especially fields such as the situation of study, the range of programmes to study, the support of the students or the combination of theory and practice enjoy a great reputation.

Various company scholarships

The excellent reputation of the FHDW is complemented by an increasing number of enterprises offering scholarships for the students. Grant-awarding companies such as HDI, Höft & Wessel or the VGH assume responsibility for all tuition fees, pay a monthly allowance and offer attractive long-term career prospects.

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