Directorate of Economic and Environmental Affairs

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Directorate V of the City of Hannover

The Directorate of Economic and Environmental Affairs contains two important responsibilities of the city administration. Since 17 January 2022, Anja Ritschel has acted as Head of the Directorate of Economic and Environmental Affairs. Overall around 1,650 employees in six Divisions are responsible for an annual turnover of around 315 million Euros.
The area of responsibility of the Department of Economy and Environment is distinctly multifaceted; it contains besides the Divisions

  • Economic Affairs,
  • Environment and Urban Greenspace and
  • Facility Management

the owner-operated municipal enterprises

  • Urban Wastewater Management,
  • City Harbours and
  • Hannover Congress Cente

as well as the Sustainability and 'Agenda-21’ offices.

The Director of Economic and Environmental Affairs is also responsible for the city's participation in the private sector. These are:

  • Hannover-Langenhagen Airport GmbH
  • GENAMO – Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung eines Naherholungsgebietes Misburg-Ost mbH (Society for the development of a local recreation area in Misburg-Ost)
  • Gesellschaft für Verkehrsförderung (Society for support of transport) (GfV)
  • Hafen Hannover (Hannover Harbours) GmbH
  • Hannover Marketing and Tourism GmbH (HMTG)
  • Internet GmbH (HDE)
  • hannoverimpuls GmbH
  • Hannover Veranstaltungs GmbH (Hannover events)
  • Klimaschutzagentur Region Hannover GmbH (Hannover Region Climate Protection Agency)
  • proKlima GbR
  • Misburger Hafengesellschaft (Misburg Harbour) mbH
  • Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Region Hannover (aha) waste management association

Furthermore the Department oversees the field of city street cleansing (which is operationally assigned to the ‘Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft’ of the Region Hannover).