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Musik ist ein fester Bestandteil deines Lebens. Du spielst seit frühester Kindheit ein Instrument. Du willst Musik zu deinem Beruf machen. Du möchtest herausfinden wie Musik auf Menschen wirkt und wo sie ihren Urspung hat. Hannover bietet dir dafür ein weltweit anerkanntes Ausbildungsangebot. Du bist kreativ und willst deine Begabung, dein Talent in Bildern, Geschichten oder im Schauspiel ausleben. Dann hol dir hier Anregungen für deinen beruflichen Weg.

Science meets hip-hop

Hip-Hop: a Political and Social Movement

There is more to hip-hop than just impressive beats and rap. In their songs, artists get down to business: they condemn social problems and grievances, br...

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Welcome to the Music!

Welcome to the Music!

The Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media is one of Germany's most renowned institutions for professional training and academic study in the cultu...

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The Leibniz Geocaching Tour in Hannover

On Leibniz's Trail

14 new geocaches can be discovered in Hanover: But the secrets revolving around Leibniz are not only restricted to the Waterworks, Leibniz Temple, or Neue...

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A visit with the creators of the Leibniz geocaching tour

The Treasure Hiders

Geocaching – what kind preparatory work does it require? How and where are the secret enigmas of geocaching developed? We followed geocacher, Sebastian, o...

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Portrait of Stefan Schwerdtfeger

The Man Behind the Monument

Architecture, sculpture, painting. “Multilingual“ artist Stefan Schwerdtfeger has many creative outlets that resulted in various extraordinary pieces of a...

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Exploring the UNESCO memory of the world collection

Leibniz Archive

150,000 to 200,000 pages: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s legacy is one of the largest and most versatile collections in existence. To this day, the Leibniz a...

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Pupils on a trip to the past with the calculating machine

Living History

Leibniz's calculating machine is one of his most famous contraptions. It enabled complicated calculations even before the invention of the calculator. Pro...

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Ways into orchestra work

Orchestra project: The “Gurrelieder“

Learning how to play together is essential for instrumentalists pursuing a career as orchestra musicians. But learning to listen to each other is also imp...

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Fascinating insights into education, science, and research

2018 November Science

Record attendance at KNOWember in HannoverFrom 1 to 21 November 2018, the knowledge marathon attracted 45,000 visitors. 70 scientific institutions provide...

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