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In Germany, the universities do not administer student social affairs themselves – this is taken over by separate public law institutions, the so called "Studentenwerke". The Studentenwerk Hannover Student Services tries to make student life easier and more pleasant. Whatever your question may be – the Studentenwerk will try to help you as good as possible.

So you know what you eat!

Mensa Backstage

It is also called the "culinary faculty". We look exclusively for you in the backstage area of ​​the cafeterias of the Studentenwerk Hannover. So you know...

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Information on part-time work while studying - revised as of March 1, 2024

International Students and Part-time Jobs

Many international students need a job to finance their studies in Germany. That’s why reliable information regarding job opportunities and current legal...

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How to find a room

Housing for Foreign Students

Every year, young people from all over the world come to study in Hannover. In order to find a place to stay in time for their first semester, they need t...

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Get involved! Commit yourself to good neighborly relations!

Neighborhood project Dorotheenstraße

The neighborhood project Dorotheenstraße promotes good neighborly relations between the 500 residents of the Dorotheenstraße dormitory and some 150 refuge...

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Intergenerational contract of a different kind


“Homeshare” provides housing in a new form of house-sharing. International students live together with elderly people, who offer free accommodation in exc...

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TiHo investigates new poultry husbandry concept - Studentenwerk tests acceptance in refectories

Dual-Purpose Chicken-Research to Improve Animal Welfare

Researchers of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation, (TiHo) are currently investigating the husbandry of dual-purpose chicken in coo...

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Expert advice from the Studentenwerk

Learning: Good Nutrition Helps!

A healthy and balanced diet not only helps to create a healthy body, but also a sound mind. Especially in times of learning and exams, the right meal can...

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All you need to know in one film

How Much Does Studying Cost?

At university, an exciting, new phase of life begins. However, living by yourself for the first time is a challenge and the money is often tight. Ask your...

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