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Studying with a Child?

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Do you belong to the students in Hanover who care for their children while studying? Studying, child care and how to secure your livelihood all at once are a particular challenge.

The Studentenwerk Hannover will support you in this situation. First, check our website where you will find a lot of crucial information on financing, insurances and childcare. Then, make an appointment at the Studentenwerk‘s Social Advice Centre: We offer a personal consultation, taking your individual situation into account.

Also watch our video on "Studying with a Child" (in German)

We will support you

When your child is old enough, there are several childcare facilities close to the universities, e.g. the "Leibniz-Kids", "Hirtenkinder", or "CampusKrümel". For emergency situations, there are "Fluxx" - the emergency backup care, the "Leibniz-Kids back-up child care" as well as the "Mini-Club" of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover.

In universities and Studentenwerk facilities, you can find baby care rooms and play areas for your child. There is even a MensaCard for Kids, providing students‘ children with a hot lunch for free! For more information: