Touristic Highlight



The deer park of Hannover - one if its most popular attractions.

The 112 hectares of this recreational forest are inhabited by a large number of wild animals, making it one of Hannover's most popular attractions. From the beginning it was not the production of wood, but hunting and the beauty of the wild animals and the forest that stood in the foreground. Thanks to this attitude a very old tree population could develop, creating a scenery of rare beauty and serenity.

The Tiergarten was created in 1678/79 by Duke Johan Friedrich for hunting. 120 fallow deer were let free in the forest. This is approximately the number living there today. Unfortunately, Duke Johan Friedrich did not live to enjoy the first hunt, organised in 1680. He died a year earlier during his journey to Italy.

In 1997 a majestic red deer and two graceful hinds were put in the "Hubertus" enclosure, previously inhabited by wild horses. The Tiergarten also provides living space for numerous species of birds and rare bats.

The annual Tiergartenfest in October is a highlight of a special kind, especially for children and families, who are rewarded in that way by the Municipal Forestry Department for the collection of acorns and chestnuts for feeding the wild animals during the winter.

Opening Hours

Daily from 7 a.m. till nightfall.

Early November until mid-December: Monday to Thursday - 12 a.m. till nightfall, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. till nightfall.