Directorate of Culture and Personnel

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Directorate I of the City of Hannover

The Directorate of Culture and Personnel encompasses the Divisions of Culture, Personnel, and Fire Service, involving overall ca. 2300 employees.

All the components of cultural work of the city – from the District Community Centres to the City’s Museums – are integrated in the Division of Culture. Thereby the most various realms, from visual art and applied art to street art and art in the City Districts, are likewise in view.

Responsibilities of the Division of Personnel range from human resources development and organisation via employment law, occupational safety and health, systems of information and communication to the support service for the Council and the District Councils and the management of the City Districts. Likewise, the team of the Election Supervisor, the field of statistics, the Town Hall's gastronomy, the municipal building cleaning service and the Data Protection Supervisor are part of this Directorate.

The Division of Fire Service avails itself of competent specialists in technology and emergency medical services in cases of fire, accident, emergency or catastrophe. Among these are five fire and ambulance stations and five support bases for emergency ambulances. In addition, volunteer members render their service in 17 local fire brigades.