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Stolpersteine (Stumbling Stones)

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Stolpersteinverlegung durch den Künstler Gunter Demnig

So far, 453 memorial stones for the victims of National Socialism have been laid at their last places of residence in the area of the City of Hannover.

Since December 2007, the stumbling stones by the artist Gunter Demnig have been laid in the state capital of Hanover. The brass-colored slabs the size of cobblestones that are embedded in the street indicate the last voluntary place of residence of victims of National Socialism in Germany. The municipal culture of remembrance compiles more detailed information on the biographies of the victims and their fate during National Socialism for each stumbling stone. Since June 2013, the places of laying as well as detailed information and the biographies of the victims of National Socialism from Hanover, which are marked with a stumbling block, can be found on a digital city map at can be accessed under the topic „Erinnerungskultur“.