On Town Twinning

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Why town twinning and international cooperation?

So weit reist man in die verschiedenen Partnerstädte Hannovers!

Encounters between cultures are an asset. Town twinning and international projects create the opportunity for concerted learning and experience gaining, thus connecting people and helping to develop intercultural competences. The mutual exchange, the common experience, the increased confidence and the new networks all support and strengthen local actors in dealing with the challenges of the 21st Century.

Thinking globally - connecting communities

As a result of recent global developments, cities and municipalities all over the world face similar problems. Nowadays, the special potential of town twinning lies in the possibility to work on a local level on key global issues such as education, cultural diversity, sustainable development, democratic participation and peace promotion. Art and culture reflect the zeitgeist, can embolden utopian dreams, and encourage social debates and developments. Town twinning therefore is of central significance to international partnership cooperation.

And what does the Cultural Office do?

The Cultural Office of the City of Hanover considers itself to be a nexus for networking, connecting active and dedicated people from various cities, and thus helping them to exchange experiences. As local interests and needs change, new topics and connections are continously developed. City partnerships provide a permanent framework for this kind of dynamic networking between citizens and international projects.


  • The promotion of personal encounters between cultures, the support of intercultural learning, and the reflection of cultural identities
  • The encouragement of social inclusion, sustainable development and cultural diversity
  • The reinforcement of socially relevant and future-oriented cooperation in the area of municipal policy
  • The creation of international networks within and beyond city twinnings
  • The promotion and networking of cultural workers and cultural mediators


  • Joint project work with international and local partners
  • The organization of international events and meetings, especially in the fields of arts and culture, youth exchanges, and sustainable urban development
  • Provide contacts in the twin cities and offer advice on exchange opportunities
  • Financial support for projects of third parties