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Application for a marriage license should be done in person by the fiancé/es.

The bride and groom

An appointment is required for a consultation interview with a marriage registrar or for application for a marriage license.

In order to apply for marriage you need valid identity documents and, depending on your marital status and citizenship, further documents.

The marriage license application is valid for six months. A date for marriage should be fixed early; usually the date is agreed upon with the marriage license application.

An appointment with the responsible marriage registrar for the following year can be booked starting from November 12 the previous year.

Further information can be given in a personal interview. Please ask for the appropriate marriage registrar by e-mail or phone (contact on the right hand side).

Issuing a certificate of no impediment to marriage

German fiancé(e)s who wish to marry abroad require a certificate of no impediment to marriage. The same applies for displaced persons, persons entitled to right of asylum, refugees, and stateless persons with main residence in Germany.

Please ask during your personal interview which documents you require.