Tipps für Neu-Hannoveraner

Ten things that New Hanoverians and ...

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... everyone who wants to become one should know. What is important and what is special in the city? And what is "really Hanoverian"?

The new town hall in spring.

According to the latest population forecast, Hanover will grow steadily in the coming years and will have around 20,000 more inhabitants by 2030. Reason enough for our ten tips for all new Hanoverians.

Districts and boroughs

Where to live in Hannover?

According to Hanover city magazines "Schädelspalter" or "Stadtkind", you should live in Hanover either in Linden or in List. But the "big city in the coun...

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Moving guide

Why you simply put your garbage on the street in Hanover (almost)

Landed well in Hanover and unpacked the first boxes? Then comes the exciting phase of settling in: What to do with all the garbage? What administrative pr...

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How to get from A to B in Hannover

Having arrived at the city, you are faced with the next question: How do I best get from A to B?

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Meeting Points

Where to Meet in Hannover

"Meet under the tail or at the clock?": Appointments in Hannover can lead to real confusion in the beginning. Hannover.de explains where to meet in Hannov...

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