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Where to Meet in Hannover

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"Meet under the tail or at the clock?": Appointments in Hannover can lead to real confusion in the beginning. explains where to meet in Hannover and which terms should be familiar in this context. 

Innenstadt Hannover

"Der", "die" and "das Kröpcke" 

The "Kröpcke" is the central meeting point in downtown Hanover. More center is not possible. The fact that each of the three German articles ("der", "die", "das") can be used is quickly explained: "der" Kröpcke means the square where Georgstraße, Karmarschstraße, Bahnhofstraße and Rathenaustraße intersect. The article "die" is used in connection with the clock on this square - the Kröpcke clock. If the article "das" is used, Café Kröpcke is meant. The name of the square goes back to Wilhelm Kröpcke, who leased the still existing coffee house on Georgstraße in 1885. The importance of the café and the resulting familiarity developed in the 1920s, when it became a meeting place for artists and henceforth determined the cultural life of the city.

Under the tail

"Do we meet under the tail?" What old-established people dare to suggest in an uninhibited manner leads to piqued questions in the case of the uninformed: Where is the tail? What is the tail? Why hit there of all places? The thing is quite harmless and youth-free: "Unterm Schwanz" stands for the Ernst-August-Monument, which stands directly in front of the main station on Ernst-August-Platz. There Ernst-August sits on a horse and the horse's tail points in the direction of the station entrance. Because of its central location, this place is one of the most popular meeting places in the city and is particularly suitable for appointments with train passengers.

"Heinz" and "Glocke" 

Crazy motto parties and a cheerful atmosphere: Anyone who wants to meet "at Heinz" most probably means the Club Béi Chéz Heinz. The alternative venue can be found in the basement of the swimhall "Fössebad". The "Glocke" means the Café Glocksee, which turns into a party hall at night. However, the "Glocke" should not be confused with the "Glöckle": The "Bratwurstglöckle" is a well-known snack stand near the "Steintor" area. Night owls and city travellers who have an appetite for chips, bratwurst or shashlik meet there. 

Aegi, Podbi, E-Damm

Hanoverians are good at giving streets with longer names a short nickname. Who speaks of the "Aegidientorplatz" instead of the "Aegi", reveals himself as a newcomer. The same is true for the "Podbielskistraße", affectionately called "Podbi", and the "Engelbosteler Damm", factually abbreviated as "E-Damm". See also: