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How Hannover is researching in transdisciplinary terms

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Science line: Universities, laboratories, institutes - only one stop away.

Innovative implants are becoming increasingly important. In Hanover, researchers from the fields of medicine, natural sciences, and engineering rely on transdisciplinarity. They join forces to develop safe and infection-resistant cardiovascular, cochlear, orthopaedic, and dental implants. This all takes place along the “Science Line” at the heart of research location Hanover.

Hannover’s transdisciplinary research scheme for the medicine of tomorrow

New video about the “Science Line”, the tram route which links up universities, laboratories and institutes which are working on the development of biocompatible implants

With a workforce of 66,228, the healthcare sector is not only the main employer in Hannover Region, but also a prime driver of innovation. Biomedical engineering is the magic word for new discoveries and start-ups. In institutes along the so-called “Science Line”, the number 4 tram route, research scientists from the fields of medicine, natural science and engineering are working on the development of biocompatible and infection-resistant implants. This transdisciplinary cooperation creates benefits for patients as implants play an increasingly important role in the successful treatment of cardiovascular diseases and in the fields of audiology, orthopaedics and dentistry. The new video clip on reveals the faces behind biomedical engineering in Hannover, the things that motivate these scientists and shows how an implant is developed. 

Here you will find the video: