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The International Unit of the City of Hannover

The City of Hannover is strategically expanding its international activities in order to strengthen its commitment to the European Union and the world and to raise its profile as a cosmopolitan and international city. The International Unit is part of the Mayor´s office and coordinates the European and other international activities of the City Administration.

The remit of the International Unit includes:

  • The strategic orientation of the City of Hannover’s international activities, including coordination and implementation of the `Hannover - International City´ action plan
  • European activities, which include informing and guiding the City Administration with regard to relevant EU developments and funding programmes, firmly establishing Europe as an integral issue within the City Administration, and promoting the European idea within the urban community.
  • Initiating and fostering international cooperation worldwide, for example in China, Russia, Turkey and the USA.
  • Networking and cooperating with international and internationally active institutions, associations and companies at local, federal, European and international level.
  • Participating in international and European city networks. In particular, the International Unit acts as the German office of the international organization ‘Mayors for Peace’.
  • Assisting the Mayor and CEO of Hannover and preparatory work relating to international contacts and meetings, organizing the schedule for foreign delegations in Hannover, and planning and executing tours abroad for delegations from Hannover.
  • Assisting with, and organizing, events and projects in Hannover promoting European integration and international understanding.

Contact persons

Marie Bullet, Head of Unit

Tel: +49 511 168-40167

Mareike Mletzko

Tel: +49 511 168-30591

Fatma Ramazanoğlu

Tel: +49 511 168-36520

Evelyn Kamissek

Tel: +49 511 168-41446