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The 'Hannover – International City' action plan provides an overview of the locational strengths of Hannover and the strategic development of the city’s international activities.

The 'Hannover – International City' action plan

The action plan provides a framework for ongoing development of international activities by Hannover´s City Administration, and serves as a basis for cooperation with its international partners and other stakeholders in the city.

Building on existing international activities, the action plan sets goals for expansion of international activities and identifies areas of action and measures required to achieve these goals. The focus is on four strategic areas of action:

  1. Strategic development of the City of Hannover’s international cooperative arrangements and partnerships
  2. Improving the structural set-up and capabilities within the City Administration for work at international and European level
  3. Raising the city´s international profile and promoting its appeal
  4. Promoting the urban community´s cosmopolitanism and involvement

The City Administration will flesh out around 30 measures in cooperation with relevant external partners. Thus, the intention is that the City Administration´s international activities develop in a more targeted manner, having greater added value for the administration´s work and, ultimately, for Hannover´s locational appeal overall.