Sold out: Apache 207

The concert in the ZAG Arena, which was moved from August 29th to September 29th, is sold out.

Bleibt gleich: Apache 207.

None quite like Apache 207, the gangster who occasionally shakes his dancing leg. This two-meter giant with white tee in his waistband and flowing mane. Kind of a rapper, kind of a rock star who brings back the 90s in second hand and with Lennon glasses and is still not from yesterday. The 22-year-old has the look, but also the aura. He has the hits, but also the songs. He has the vision, but also the restraint. He has the self-irony, but also the self-image, not to let himself, but to let his music speak for itself. One thing is certain: Apache will stay the same - and that's why it will be different from the rest.


02.05.2024 to 03.05.2024 starting from 20:00 o'clock


ZAG Arena (vormals TUI Arena)
Expo Plaza 7
30539 Hannover

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