02 Panorama Moor

A lock of hair/ flints / hazel nuts

A lock of hair from a bog body, ca.5. BC. (Schweger Moor near Osnabrück)

Flints and hazelnuts

Bogs are steeped in legends. Since time immemorial they have been regarded as the seat of Gods and spirits. These finds bear witness to early human settlements and objects used since the Stone Age.

A viper

A viper Vipera berus

Bogs are the most important habitats of vipers in Northern Germany. Here they value the cool, damp surroundings that protect them from extreme weather conditions, not forgetting one of their favourite foods, the bog frog.

Peat moss

Peat moss Sphagnum

Peat moss is the master builder behind bogs. It gradually accumulates in layers and turns into peat with a soft spongy substrata.