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Tunnel mit technischen Vorrichtungen © Michael Matthey/LUH

Leibniz University

Successful debut launch of the Einstein-Elevator

Scientists from HITec at Leibniz Universität Hannover realize conditions for space research here on Earth, opening new possibilities for... more...

citizen group © MHH/Kaiser

Hannover Medical School

Researchers aim to use gene therapy to treat hearing deafness

Professor Schambach was awarded approximately two million euros from the European Union for his “iHEAR” project. more...

Gestrandete Pottwale, ein Tier befindet sich auf einem Sattelschlepper. © Sonja von Brethorst

University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo)

Stranded sperm whales in 2016 belonged to two different groups

Pollutants and genetic analysis reveal origin and group affiliation. more...

Landschaft mit Baum im Vordergrund. © Benjamin Burkhard

Leibniz Universität

Sustainable Exploitation of Environmental Resources

EU project ESMERALDA aims at implementing the biodiversity strategy. more...

Zwei übereinanderliegende Flyer © LHH

Hannover Science Initiative

International networking between European Cities of Science

The City of Hannover joins the European Science Engagement Association (EUSEA). more...

Kleiner Wal mit Gerät am Körper © Universität Aarhus

University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover

Shipping disturbs harbour porpoises foraging

International research team investigated the behaviour of porpoises. more...

Dr Nico Lachmann with two of the three lead co-authors: Patrick Blank and Dr Miriam Hetzel © MHH

Hannover Medical School

Gene therapy for rare blood condition

MHH researchers develop cell and gene therapy that affords better protection against disease pathogens. more...

 © Camilla Ackermann

Student Services Organisation

Meeting, exchanging and supporting

Studentenwerk Hannover celebrates 20 years of Tutoring Programme. more...

Eine Säule mit den Buchstaben "MHH", im Hintergrund Gebäude. © Karin Kaiser/MHH

Medizinische Hochschule

New milestone towards improving breast cancer prevention

Scientists at Hannover Medical School and further institutions worldwide identified 72 new genomic risk factors for breast cancer. Public... more...

People drinking coffee © Niklas Grapatin

Hannover Science Initiative


With the new HannoVersity series of events, the Hannover Science Initiative (Initiative Wissenschaft) invites international and German st... more...

Menschengruppe mit Urkunde © Fotograf: Nico Herzog, Rechte LHH


Fox Award Gold for the Hannover Science Initiative

A special award for Hannover as a center of academic and scientific activity: the Hannover Science Initiative today (September 19, 2017)... more...

People in a hall with a stand-up display advertising the Hannover Science Initiative. © China Hopson

Hannover Science Initiative

Science and Society in Dialogue

Hannover is taking part in an international EU project with 24 partners from Europe, Asia and Africa aiming to enhance science communicat... more...

Mannshohe Pappköpfe in einem Raum. © Patricia Kühfuss / LHH

Leibniz Year 2016

New Brochure on Leibniz

The Brochure "Leibniz, in the Best of Company" offers insights into Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz's correspondence and thus the life and work... more...

Part of a plane © Nino Pierantonio

University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover

New Study on Marine Life

Scientists from nine countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean present the results of a large-scale survey of whales, dolphins and porpoises. more...

Two men in white coats and a woman in conversation

© MHH/Kaiser

Study subsidized by BMBF

MHH Team does research on palliative care by general practitioners

To care for seriously and terminally ill patients until the end is a core task of general practitioners and family doctors. A research te... more...

Two men and a woman in white coats © MHH/Kaiser

Hannover Medical School

A "Chameleon" in the Stomach

Scientists at the Hannover Medical School have investigated the rapid adaptability of the gastric cancer pathogen Helicobacter pylori. more...

cat © hannover.de

Mewing Provides Information

Study on Cat Offspring

New study: Cats can recognize whether their offspring are excited or distressed by the type of their meows. Scientists from the Stiftung... more...

A green rectangular object is directing a laser beam into a mirror. © A. Franzen / T. Steinhaus

Leibniz University

World record with squeezed light

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics and the Leibniz University of Hannover have managed to generate light... more...

Personen stehen neben einem Bus, teils mit überlebensgroßen bunte Walnüssen © LHH

Science event

5th November of Science

For the fifth time, the "Initiative Wissenschaft Hannover" has succeeded in inspiring 70 partners from universities, science, culture and... more...

Foto: Hands on a piano © Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover (Quelle)


Brain plasticity in expert pianists depends on age of musical training onset

A Study of the Institute for Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine (in  the University of Music, Drama and Media) in Hannover shows th... more...