Marienburg Castle

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The authentically preserved summer residence of the Guelphs, the oldest princely house in Europe, is one of the most important neo-Gothic monuments in Germany.

Das Schloss Marienburg ist eine Schlossanlage, die König Georg V. von Hannover von 1858 bis 1869 als Sommerresidenz, Jagdschloss und späteren Witwensitz erbauen ließ.

When King George V (1819–878) of Hanover gave Marienburg Castle as a gift to his wife, Queen Marie (1818–1907), he had no idea that his token of love would one day be one of the most impressive monuments in Germany. In its appearance, Marienburg Castle is reminiscent of a medieval hilltop castle. The fairytale appearance goes back to the Queen's wish for a romantic summer residence.

George V himself was never able to see the jewel created by master builders Conrad Wilhelm Hase and Edwin Oppler between 1858 and 1867 with his own eyes because he had been blind since his earliest youth. And even Queen Marie was only able to live in the castle for a short time, because as early as 1867 she had to follow her husband, who had lost the war against the Prussians the year before, into exile in Austria.

Today, Marienburg Castle has become what Queen Marie always dreamed of: a center for music, art and culture. It impresses with its almost completely preserved interior and the elaborate external appearance. You can also see the state and private rooms of the royal family, the Queen's library with the elaborately decorated parasol vault and the fully preserved palace kitchen.

Independent tours through the castle rooms as well as various guided tours give visitors an insight into a castle in the neo-Gothic style as well as into the eventful history of the Guelphs.

Schloss Marienburg

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