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In addition to the activities of the City Administration and the public services ("Stadtwerke") energy utility "enercity", there are three networks form the core of the Climate Alliance. Within these networks numerous actors are working hard to reduce CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency in Hannover.

Partnership for Climate Protection

The Partnership for Climate Protection is the network comprising the residential real estate sector. The relevant tenants' and property owners' associations, as well as professional associations and planning officials come together to pool their knowledge. Together they debate current climate protection-related issues and discuss measures that impact on the residential property sector.

Energy Efficiency Network

Major manufacturing and service companies come together within the Energy Efficiency Network. They discuss past lessons learned, useful solutions and new technologies. They learn with and from each other the best ways to implement energy-saving measures. Approximately 30 companies have participated in this network to date.

Opinion Leaders' Network

The Opinion Leaders' Network has the task of considering how to inform and motivate as many citizens as possible. The network comprises sporting and leisure organisations, churches, consumer and environmental protection associations, as well as political parties and educational institutions. The energy efficiency of their own buildings and facilities is also a major concern for the participants.