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Gesundheitswissenschaften sind ein Forschungs- und Ausbildungsschwerpunkt in Hannover. Hier kannst du verschiedene berufliche Wege in den medizinischen Bereich kennen lernen. Du wirst feststellen, wie eng Naturwissenschaften, Medizin und neue Technologien miteinander verzahnt sind, wenn zum Beispiel neue Medikamente entwickelt werden.

Mit dem menschlichen Körper beschäftigen sich Anatomie, Humanbiologie und Medizin. Wenn du Arzt werden willst oder du die Biologie des Menschen studieren willst, dann erfährst du hier, woran die Wissenschaftler der Universitäten und Forschungseinrichtungen arbeiten.

Interview with an expert from Hannover Medical School

The corona virus in Germany

A puzzling lung disease has been worrying China since last December, people die. The pathogen is identified as a new form of the coronavirus. Now the viru...

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Simulation of infections in human precision-cut lung slices (PCLS) to test the efficacy of drugs

Respiratory Infection Research

Due to the institute’s proximity to the Hannover Medical School, researchers at Fraunhofer ITEM in Hannover have the opportunity to work directly with hum...

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Multidisciplinary and application-oriented

Gender in Research

Contrary to popular belief, gender needs to be considered even in many fields of research that allegedly are far from raising any such issues. The followi...

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Follow-up care for patients after kidney transplantation

The innovation project NTx360°

A kidney transplant – now what? The after-treatment project NTx360° aims at improving the patients’ quality of life and the longevity of transplants. Pati...

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Fundamental research reveals new possibilities

Magnesium patch heals hearts

When muscle cells die in a heart attack, MHH physicians can remove the damaged tissue and replace it with artificial tissue. But only on the right ventric...

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Good reasons to show your teeth!

Dental treatment by students at the MHH

At MHH, treatinAt MHH, treating patients is an integral part of dental education. Without these patients, students would lack the experience and skills th...

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Prof. Axel Haverich declares infections induce clogging of arteries.

New thesis on the cause of arteriosclerosis

Cardiovascular diseases, like heart attacks and strokes, rank among the most common fatal diseases world-wide and in Germany, where cardiovascular problem...

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The pollen challenge chamber study

Breathing easy despite hay fever?

Julia Böhling studies medicine. She tells us why she signed up as a test person for this study and voluntarily exposes herself to pollen. See what Julia h...

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Ideas that change our lives

Revolution from the Lab

The decellularised heart valve, the revolutionary treatment of a lung disease, medicine in the 21th century. It all starts in the laboratory. And with an...

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