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Grundlagenforschung, Exzellenzcluster oder Produktentwicklung, für alle Felder sind innovative Ideen gefragt. In Hannover arbeiten Hochschulen und mehrere wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen an den Themen der Zukunft. Lerne die Menschen kennen, die an neuen Technologien forschen und ungewöhnliche Wege beschreiten, um ihr wissenschaftliches Ziel zu erreichen.

Hannover ist eine Stadt des Wissens. Hier arbeiten Studenten und Forscher an den Themen der Zukunft. Steig ein in die Welt der wissenschaftlichen Arbeit. Lerne die Menschen kennen, die an neuen Technologien forschen, die ungewöhnliche, neue Wege beschreiten wollen um ihr wissenschatfliches Ziel zu erreichen.

The new Cluster of Excellence strengthens vulnerable people against infections

RESIST – Research for the Weakest

Why do bacteria and viruses harm some people seriously and hardly affect others? How can infections be better prevented, diagnosed and treated in an indiv...

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Photonics, Optics, and Engineering- Innovation across Disciplines

Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD

Making optical precision instruments quickly and inexpensively using additive production methods such as 3D printing: what sounds like a vision is the aim...

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Excellence cluster research


Can everyone hear? A large part of everyday life is not accessible to deaf and hearing impaired people. Within the scope of the Hearing4all research clust...

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Fundamental research reveals new possibilities

Magnesium patch heals hearts

When muscle cells die in a heart attack, MHH physicians can remove the damaged tissue and replace it with artificial tissue. But only on the right ventric...

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The University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover (HsH) focusses its research profile in six subject areas

Research Clusters for our Future

The future will bring substantial challenges: Industry 4.0, social change, global food security, a responsible handling of resources, an increased use of...

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The ideal location for innovative business development

Science and Technology Park Hannover

In the middle of nature, with ideal traffic connections and innovative neighbors. The Technology Center in the Science Park offers start-ups an optimal fo...

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Innovative treatment approach for cardiac failure.

MHH Researchers Put an End to Pathological Heart Growth

Heart conditions often have grave consequences. The dangerous process of pathological cardiac remodeling following a heart attack, e.g. is often irreversi...

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Science line: Universities, laboratories, institutes - only one stop away

How Hannover is researching in transdisciplinary terms

Innovative implants are becoming increasingly important. In Hanover, researchers from the fields of medicine, natural sciences, and engineering rely on tr...

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Cutting-edge research for the collaboration between man and machine

Robotics at Leibniz Universität Hannover

Robots support us in our everyday life, in teaching, industry, and medicine. They evoke visions of science fiction and inspire free association. Robotics...

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Volkswagen Foundation supports junior researchers

Cutting-Edge Technology European XFEL

The European XFEL in Schenefeld near Hamburg is a cutting-edge research facility and will be inaugurated in summer 2017. The European XFEL´s technology ca...

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