Citizens’ Office of the State Capital

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The Citizens' Office is the point of contact for suggestions and hints to the City Administration, for criticism and complaints, advice and assistance.
Please note:

The central telephone number for the city administration is +49 511 168-0. The Citizens' Office is not the correct addressee for matters of registration, driver's licences or certification. For those services please contact one of the eight "Bürgerämter" in Hannover (Administrative Offices for Citizens) or the Office for driving licenses respectively.

Anyone who wishes to suggest or remark upon something or considers that they have cause for criticism or complaint regarding the City Administration can contact the Citizens’ Office in the Town Hall with his concern.

For people seeking advice or assistance, the staff of the Citizens’ Office are available for requests and concerns in person, by post, by telephone and online. They will refer people to the appropriate Council department or external body, assist with contacts to administrators and – insofar as it has to do with the City – receive requests and suggestions, but also criticism and complaints. They do not take decisions, but rather in individual disputes they try to mediate between the citizens affected and the City Administration, and to reach a citizen-friendly decision.

The tasks of the Citizens’ Office include the organisation of the citizens’ consultation hours with the Lord Mayor, and to receive petitions addressed to the Council.