Mayors for Peace

Flying the flag for a ban on nuclear weapons

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8 July 2014 saw Lower Saxony’s state capital Hannover hoist the “Mayors for Peace” flag to visibly underline its commitment to ensuring a peaceful world without nuclear weapons.  

Underlined Hannover’s commitment to ensuring a world without nuclear weapons: Svenja Langenberg, Lord Mayor Stefan Schostok, Evelyn Kamissek (Lord Mayor’s Office) and Helen Maghsudi (l. to r.). The two Hannover Medical School students are active members of the "IPPNW – International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War" organization.

By way of its international flag day in which 140 German cities and municipalities take part, the worldwide association Mayors for Peace calls for the commencement of negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons.    

Hannover has been a member of Mayors for Peace since 1983, since which time it has provided one of the worldwide vice-presidents. Lord Mayor Stefan Schostok: "Only the abolition of all nuclear weapons can protect us against the risk of their being used in a conflict."

The flag day serves to remind of the legal opinion of the International Court of Justice commissioned by the General Assembly of the United Nations and dated 8 July 1996, according to which the deployment – and even merely the threat of deployment – of nuclear weapons constitutes a violation of fundamental principles of international humanitarian law.