Hannover Region

The Hannover Region

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Regionshaus, Eingang Hildesheimer Straße 20

The Hannover Region is a model for implementing local government duties that is unique in Germany.

Starting in 2001 from the merger of the Hannover Administrative District and the Regional Administrative District of Greater Hannover, the regional authority today consolidates the main public services for 1.2 million inhabitants in 21 cities and communes – including Hannover, the capital of the federal state of Lower Saxony.

The Hannover Region is amongst other things responsible for local public transport and waste disposal, as well as local social services, vocational colleges, and municipal hospitals. The tasks also include the environment, regional planning, local recreation facilities, and business and employment promotion. More than 2,700 employees work in the administration to assist in maintaining and shaping the environment, the people of the Hannover Region are living and working in.

Steckbrief der Region Hannover

Der "Kleine Steckbrief" informiert über grundlegende Daten, den politischen Entscheidungsprozess, den Aufbau der Verwaltung und über Möglichkeiten, Politi...

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Region Hannover bei Instagram

Der offizielle Instagram-Auftritt der Regionsverwaltung bringt Fotos und Videos zu Regionsthemen, Veranstaltungen oder Angeboten der Region Hannover.

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