Landeshauptstadt Hannover

Advice for Asylum Seekers

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Supporting persons who have claimed asylum

The information centre is meant for asylum seekers and their relatives who live outside of communal accomodation in decentralised housing space in Hannover who are currently in an asylum procedure, or for rejected asylum seekers who have been granted exceptional leave to remain or who have some sort of residence permit by the aliens registration authority.

The employees give advice on social welfare, on dealing with authorities, and they offer support in filing applications. They inform about the asylum procedure, aliens law and legal claims once asylum has been granted or upon changes of your residence permit status. They also help in case of housing problems, in matters of childcare and with problems at school.


+49 511 168-45379

+49 511 168-36649

+49 511 168-47014

+49 511 168-36648