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Leibniz-themed digital garden rally in German and English

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Hunt for "Leibniz's legacy" at the Herrenhausen Gardens with Actionbound.

Rainer Künnecke plays Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

To commemorate the 375th birthday of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (*July 1, 1646), an interactive Leibniz Actionbound tour entitled "In Search of Leibniz's Legacy" was developed. As of summer 2022, the Leibniz tour will also be available in English.

Discover Leibniz's legacy

Follow in the footsteps of the polymath by completing thirteen tasks at thirteen locations in the “Grosser Garten“. Playfully explore the various mathematical, technical, philosophical, and cultural aspects of Leibniz’s work and life at the Hannoverian court. Finally, discover "Leibniz's legacy" and download instructions for a surprising experiment.

Riddles and quizzes

The interactive tour features three Leibniz films in which Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz speaks at historical locations, as well as four audio narrations on Guelph history, metaphysics, justice, and philosophy. It also offers additional information, solution pages, exciting puzzles and quizzes, and directions to the respective location.

Digital treasure hunt

The game is suitable for inquisitive players (14 years and older), school classes or families with children aged 14 years and older. It takes about an hour to complete the digital treasure hunt through the “Grosser Garten“. The game is free of charge (plus admission to the Herrenhausen Gardens).

What is Actionbound?

Actionbound is a simple digital app that engages people in a playful way, gets them moving, and helps them discover and learn new things in a fun way. While the tour is similar to a classic scavenger hunt or geocaching, the experience is enhanced by additional media such as video and audio clips, quiz questions, and the players' own creative contributions.

The cooperation's contributors


Leibniz researcher Dr. Ariane Walsdorf and Rainer Künnecke as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Leibniz Actionbound is a project of Hannover City of Science in the Mayor's Office in cooperation with Herrenhausen Gardens, State Capital of Hannover. Concept, texts, and illustrations developed by Dr. Ariane Walsdorf, Leibniz researcher from Hannover. Translation to English: Lea Schirra, translator. Rainer Künnecke plays Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. 

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Trailer for the scavenger hunt at Herrenhausen Gardens

Watch the trailer for Leibniz Actionbound and all other Leibniz videos at: .

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As easy as this:

  • Simply download the free app "Actionbound" on your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android).
  • Make sure to change your device’s language settings – ‘Einstellungen’ to English first.
  • Scan the ‘QR code’, and let the entertainment begin.
  • The GPS navigation will guide you from one question to the next.
    Audio and video clips will provide you with clues on your quest – bon chance!

Actionbound link:

App is free of charge (plus admission to Herrenhausen Gardens)