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Der Willkommensfachdienst empfängt Bürger*innen im Hannover-Service-Center am Schützenplatz.

The welcome service is located in the HannoverServiceCenter at Schützenplatz and will advise you on various topics, free of charge.

Possible topics can be:

  • help with applications & forms
  • education,
  • family life,
  • residence,
  • family and leisure activities,
  • work and job search,
  • health

and other topics. For example, you can ask questions about money, school, leisure and work. The welcome service will help you fill out forms and applications and understand the authorities. You need an appointment for the consultation, so you have to register on the  Internet (please click here).

Both, people from the state capital Hanover and non governmental associations, can help you with problems and questions at the welcome service.

Welcome service - social advice in the rooms of immigration office of the state capital Hanover

Since August 2021, it has been possible for customers of the immigration authorities to also receive specialist advice on topics beyond issues relating to residence law. This free offer is ensured by social work specialists from various municipal and independent migration advisory services (NGOs).

The colleagues of the welcome service provide information on, among other things:

  • Social participation, support with applications & forms,
  • language,
  • education (school & work),
  • family life,
  • family and leisure activities,
  • work/job search,
  • perspective planning,
  • health, living and 
  • general access to city life.

The Welcome Service (short: WfD) works together with the various public administration offices, for example the immigration authorities, the job center and the Volkshochschule Hannover.

The WfD provides orientation and assistance on numerous other topics and can also establish contact with other specialist departments or name contact persons.

In addition to the municipal specialist office for migration advice in the state capital of Hanover, the following municipal and independent migration advice services offer advice - with a click you can go to the relevant website:

Kargah eV
Caritasverband Hannover eV (adults)
Caritas Association Hannover e. V. (young people)
AWO Hanover
Country team of Germans from Russia e. V.
German Red Cross Hanover

How can I make an appointment for a consultation?

The immigration office of the state capital Hanover assigns appointments after prior registration on the Internet. On this Page (click) you can enter your personal data and the reason for your visit in a simple form. By selecting the "social counseling" service in the form, you can get an appointment with the welcome service.

After you have filled out and sent the form, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation within a few days, with which you can enter the Hanover Service Center at Schützenplatz for your appointment in the coming week.

Important: After submitting the form, you will be asked by email to confirm your registration. Therefore, please make sure that your email address is correct!
Even if you have not requested advice in advance, you can ask the staff about the welcome service when you visit the immigration office. You will then be forwarded in the house.

We are looking forward to welcome you at the HanoverServiceCenter.