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Ein großes altes Gebäude © Deutsche Bahn

Hauptbahnhof Hannover

Traffic hub

Seven things you might not know about Hannover's railway station

It should come as no surprise that Hannover's Central Station is an important traffic hub, a shopping paradise and a popular meeting place. But what about non-existent platforms, a secret underground station and a musical manhole? Hannover.de has the answers.

Der Hauptbahnhof von oben. © HMTG

The elevated station

What Berlin, New York and Co. copied from Hannover

Not the magnificent opera house and not the elaborately designed Herrenhausen Gardens: Hannover.de reveals why, of all places, Hannover's... more...

Shopping stores at the station © hannover.de

Central hub

Why the station never sleeps

An ICE train stops at a platform, hurried travellers pull squeaking trolleys, and there is a jostling crowd at the stairs: typical statio... more...

Ausschilderung am Hauptbahnhof Hannover. © hannover.de

Platform curiosity

Where are platforms five and six?

Harry Potter travels into a magical world from the secret track "nine-and-three-quarters" at London's King's Cross station. Where do you... more...

Sign at the front of the main station © hannover.de

Train station and shopping mall

Shop (almost) around the clock

If a last-minute gift needs to be found on Christmas Eve or the family is overcome with the desire to have a barbecue on a summer Sunday,... more...

Urban place © hannover.de


How the subway changed the image of the "Oststadt"

For many decades, the Raschplatz at the back of the station and the district around it were frowned upon: "You don't want to live behind... more...

Ein Gully und der Hauptbahnhof im Hintergrund. © hannover.de

The musical manhole

Where the music plays - and why

Across from Hannover's main station, passers-by sometimes stop at a gully in amazement. About a hundred metres from the Ernst August monu... more...

Building © Deutsche Bahn

Fountain and monument

Water games

Water dances up and down in the forecourt of the station, every so often catching the feet of the children, who on warm summer days dare... more...